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Hello There! My name is Karen and I am the co-owner of DKM Creative and the other co-owner is my husband David. We have created this website to express and share our creativity with the world.

Our creations will have the purpose of supporting you to create the life you want, hence our Business Motto; “Dream, Create, Succeed.” We believe that if you have the right attitude and support, then you can achieve all that your soul desires. So, DKM Creative hopes that through the products we create for you, we can be that support you need in your life to motivate and give you the confidence to go for your dreams and live your best life.

Another motto that David and I have is; ‘Doing life our way’! We implement this in our lives every day by doing what feels right for us. This also goes for the Social Media world where DKM Creative is on Instagram and Facebook . Once again you will see us doing things on there in our own way and not following the crowd. I will be posting when I feel there is news to share that you would want to know about.

Now I am the front person of DKM Creative because my husband enjoys just working quietly behind the scenes, so your point of contact is with me (you lucky peeps.) And as you will soon discover, I am the Hippie of this team (yep, I like everything Woo Woo so bring on the Unicorns and sprinkle me in fairy dust). I am also a Certified Reiki Master and Certified Meditation Guide and I hope to be bringing my Reiki Sessions and free meditations to you soon. Now back to DKM Creative and a bit more about what I do here. I’m also the one who keeps everything organised and makes sure everything is kept on schedule, which basically that means I keep David on track.

My husband is the Earth bound soul of our duo, which translates to your everyday bloke, which translates to does what he is told occasionally (also known as very very very rarely). David is also the computer Guru and tech whiz of our duo. Some of his jobs include; any computer glitches that is happening he solves, plus he has been known from time to time to stop me from smashing my computer when it is not doing what it’s told.

One of my projects I have been working on for awhile is designing Chakra Cards and I am proud to announce that they have finally been released. If you wish to purchase some then go to our shop and if you wish to learn more about our cards and more information on Chakra’s then head here.

Now on to my extremely talented Hubby and his current project. David is working on and testing some Chain Maille jewellery designs for both men and women.

So that’s it for now people. If I haven’t scared you off then keep an eye on our website and Instagram and Facebook pages for updates and thanks for joining us on our adventure.