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Guardian Angels

Over the years, I (Karen) have been researching about Guardian Angels. I have also done a couple of courses learning about them. It’s a fascinating subject and I’m aware that others are also curious to learn about Guardian Angels. This inspired me to pull together all the knowledge I have gathered throughout the years and write it down in a nice little bundle for you all to take a squiz at.

My belief is that everyone can find out who their Guardian Angel is and should try to do it themselves before asking someone else to do it for them. So if you do connect with your Guardian Angel, I have put all the information about bands and colours towards the end of this page for you to use.

There are a couple of ways you can try using to find out information about your Guardian Angel. The first way I recommend is meditation. Have a look on You Tube for Guided Meditations that will help you meet your Guardian Angel.

Alternatively, you can just lay down, close your eyes and take some deep breaths to steady yourself and become relaxed. Once you are ready, ask your Guardian Angel to introduce themselves to you. You may get a feeling, sensation or just a knowing that they have connected with you. When you are ready to continue, ask your Guardian Angel to please give you their name. This can show itself to you in a number of ways eg; hearing the name in your head, their name appearing in front of you in written form, a sensing what the name is, etc. Once you have received your Guardian Angel’s name you can then move forward and ask using their name to show their colours to you. Once you have received all the information, end your Guardian Angel meeting by thanking them for their information, for guiding you and always being there for you.

After completing one of my courses, I decided to see if I was able to discover all my Guardian Angel’s information. Yep I was able to and thought you might like to meet him too. His picture is below. His name I am going to keep private.

Karen’s Guardian Angel

And if you do manage to connect with your Guardian Angel, please feel free to send me an email letting me know. I would love to hear from you. Please enjoy reading and learning all about Guardian Angels.

Guardian Angel Information

Our Guardian Angel is with us before we are born and are with us for the entirety of our lives. They leave with us when we depart from this world. And if you believe in Past Lives then you are assigned a different Guardian Angel for each life. You never ever get the same one.

Their purpose is to help us with and to get us to our Life Purpose. They do this by guiding us along the way by bringing us messages through different forms of communication, and bringing people and situations into our world at the right time and place.

They are always there for you and if you ever want to ask them for extra assistance with anything, for example; romance, finances, health, career, specific situation, etc. all you have to do is talk to them and ASK them for help. This also gives them the opportunity to help you more freely in your life.

You can unload anything you need to onto your Guardian Angel. Whatever is weighing on your mind just talk to your Guardian Angel in some form of communication. This could be via journaling, closing your eyes and talking to them in your mind, through meditation, writing them letters, etc.

Never think that your Guardian Angel will abandon you either. They never get impatient or angry and won’t just up and leave your life. They never judge you and are faithful and hold nothing but pure, unconditional and eternal love for you beyond anything you can possibly imagine. They always want to help you and be there for your entire journey and will stick with you through thick and thin. The reason for your Guardian Angel being so devoted to you? Well it’s because they chose you and their vow to you is sacred to them.

Guardian Angels are not like we imagine Angels to be such as; wings, angelic form, etc. They do not have human physical properties but do have either a male or female energy. They have a vibrational frequency that shows up in colour forms and bands. The colours in each band have a specific meaning and relates to your Guardian Angel and your Life Purpose.

To this date (of the time I am writing this information), Guardian Angels can have up to seven bands but most Guardian Angels have five or six bands. Each band represents a specific area of your life eg; core, relationships, expression, career, freedom, service and research/study.

Also, when you see people’s Guardian Angel’s pictures, you will notice that there is always a pure white colour/light in the middle of it. This is your Guardian Angels and your connection to the Universe or Source.

Your Guardian Angels name is also extremely important because it helps you to communicate with them and it helps create a familiarity with them. Their name also shows itself in different ways in your life and holds a specific meaning to you.

And although your Guardian Angel is always with you, the more you speak and connect with them, the stronger your bond will get. All the stuff that your Guardian Angel is doing for you and communicating with you about is helping you to get to know and understand them better. Oracle Cards are a great way to connect with your Guardian Angel.

Below is information you can use if you connect with your Guardian Angel. If you have any questions then by all means send me (Karen) an email. My email address is here.

Guardian Angel Band Information

Sample ONLY of a 7 Banded Guardian Angel.
Not a real Guardian Angel.

The number of bands your Guardian Angel holds is extremely important as it influences your Life Purpose.

Four Banded Guardian Angels: If you have four bands then you are a very rare and special person indeed, as there are not many four banded Guardian Angels and people. Four means that you have come here to completely focused on your work, business and career and be very successful at it.

Five Bands Guardian Angels: Five bands means you have come here to be different, unique, creative and be fully yourself.

Six Bands Guardian Angels: Six bands means you have come here to take care of others, take on a lot of responsibility and be service orientated.

Seven Bands Guardian Angels : Once again seven banded Guardian Angel people are rare but not as rare as four banded ones. There are a few more sevens’ than four’s but not by much. Four bands means you have come here to soak up all the knowledge you can, learn, study, do endless research and be academic.

First Band: Authentic Self (Core)

The core band holds the energy of your personality. Personality is a combination of your characteristics, thoughts, persona, behaviours and values. It is who you are right deep down in your core, in other words, it’s your authentic self.

This band brings a powerful and comforting energy as it helps you understand who you are because of its energy of self.

Second Band: Relationships

This second band holds the energy of everything that relates to relationships. This is all the relationships you have in your life with everybody you know in your life eg; family, friends, workmates. It also refers to the relationship you have with yourself and how you perceive yourself.

The second band also is about the relationship you have with money, things or something that you have a connection with.

This band helps you create and form healthy relationships and is an expansive, loving and positive energy.

Third Band: Expression

The third band is all about what must be expressed by you or what wants to come out within you.

The energy of this band is about you establishing or creating something positive in your life and shaping it in a way that will be fun for you.

Your expression band is a chance for you to create something incredible for yourself and/or for others to enjoy.

Fourth Band: Career

Your Career band holds the energy of what you have come to develop to support yourself.

It’s about where you love to spend your time, do what you love doing and putting positive energy out into the world.

The vibe of the fourth band is the thing you are going to spend a lot of your time doing.

The Career band will hold a vibration frequency that will align you with your purpose and career.

It is the energy of what you absolutely love doing, what you love to explore or learn about and sharing that knowledge with others plus it is about the things that you love.

Fifth Band: Freedom

This fifth band holds the energy of personal freedom.

Someone with five bands has come here to be different and unique, to express their creativity and express themselves fully.

The fifth band holds the energy of how you become free. Free means liberated, choices, to have the freedom to do what one wishes and to know what you want to do and go do it.

The energy the freedom band holds is one of content and peacefulness.

Six Band: Service

When your Guardian Angel has six bands this means you care about people, want to make a difference, are hard-working, put themselves out for other people.

Doing all the above stuff can often mean that six banded people get tired by doing to much and need to create healthy boundaries and be aware of how much it is taking from them.

Six banded people can get caught up in helping everybody else and forget about their own life and what they need. They can suffer health challenges and emotional challenges. They need balance and they need to remember to also nurture and look after themselves too.

The energy surrounding six banded people are that they are giving, bighearted, kind, supportive and encouraging.

Six bands holds the energy that these people are here to help and serve

Seven Band: Research and Study

Seven Banded Guardian Angels are full of energy.

Seven banded people are ones that are always wanting to learn and grow so they can develop and understand. They are often; doctors, lawyers, barristers etc. Some are also spiritual and want to learn and research constantly about the world of spirituality.

However, seven banded people can get lost in all the information and research or whatever they are focused on learning because they are are always wanting to find the truth or find answers and they forget about everything else.

They get such enjoyment from learning and researching that this curiosity makes them absorbs themselves in reading and study.

Focus Bands

The Focus Band relates to the area of your life which your Guardian Angel wants you to focus on to create a better and more solid understanding of your life purpose. This will help you make greater progress and advancement towards it.

When you first learn about who your Guardian Angel is and how many bands he or she has, the focus band that comes forward in your first connection with each other is the area that he or she would like you to start with and focus on in that moment of time.

A focus band is all about bringing the most benefit to all areas of your life because they don’t stay the same. The actually move once you have dealt with one band. When this happens they move on to the next area your Guardian Angel wishes you to focus on and that needs the most work on in that moment of time.

The Focus Bands are your Guardian Angel’s way of supporting and guiding you to bringing happiness, fulfilment and abundance into your world so you can live a life that you have been dreaming of.

The Focus Band will bring you closer to your life purpose.

Colour Information:

Red Meaning:

Red has a vibration frequency of passion, strength, purpose, energy and action.

This colour evokes confidence and courage because of it’s powerful energy and as you become more confident and courageous, your fears and anxieties get released.

The energy that red gives is linked to physical energy which in returns motivates you to take action in whatever you want to do, both in your every day chores and with your dreams and goals.

Red is an exciting colour because it helps draw out your passions and gives you the enthusiasm needed to go out into the world and achieve what you desire.

People that have red in their Guardian Angel Core band have the most vibrant and amazing energy. They are ambitious people who are action orientated, extremely passionate and have a zest for life.

This colour has a very high level of energy which can cause emotions of anger, agitation and oppressive behaviours so if you have red in your core band, then be aware of your temper flaring quickly and becoming over bearing.

Yellow Meaning:

Yellow has a vibrational frequency of optimism, self-belief, empowerment and knowing your value.

This colour has a warming energy of hope, happiness, honour and joy.

It can assist with activating your memory and encourage communication. It is also a confidence building colour.

Yellow helps in clarity which boosts decision-making because it aids with concentration and giving you a burst of energy to complete what you need to.

People who have yellow in their Core Band have a personality of a person who is looking for self-fulfilment. They have a sunny disposition and a great sense of humour, along with being intellectual.

Yellow’s are clear thinkers and are great at getting a job, project or anything they need to do or that you need them to do done.

Yellow people can have self-esteem problems though as they can be over-critical especially with themselves, which causes the side effect of perfectionism. This can also lead them to being defensive.

They are also way to demanding of themselves which causes them to get burnout, anxious, nervous and just plain exhausted.

Pink Meaning:

Pink has the vibration frequency of love, generosity and receiving. The energy surrounding this colour is one that is soft, tender and of a feminine nature.

It has a vibration of universal love for oneself and others and is about love in all its forms; love, compassion, trust and appreciation.

Pink has a generous vibration and this is not only in reference to giving to others, but generosity in all its forms in reference to yourself as well, that includes; love, healing, positive relationships, money, items, etc.

This colour throws out the energy of unconditional love . This helps someone to accept their flaws and see all their strengths but not only in themselves but in others as well.

Pink has a serenity about its energy. It brings relaxation and contentment into one’s world and aids with frustration.

People who have pink in their Core Band are charming and gentle. They are compassionate, playful and giving which makes them great friends to others and easy to approach.

However, they do tend to give too much at times, forgetting about themselves and what they need. This relates into pink people finding it difficult to receive because they would prefer to do things for others over allowing others to do something for them.

Purple Meaning:

Purple has a vibrational frequency of Angels, forgiveness and transformation. It has a positive vibration energy.

The love that Purple radiates aids in one letting go of the past and forgiving all including themselves. It promotes forgiveness in all its forms including self-forgiveness which causes positive transformations within yourself and your life.

This magical colour has an energy of wisdom and connects you to the Angelic Realm, this is why purple is associated with spirituality. It aligns you to the Universe and removes obstacles stopping you from connecting to your Higher Self.

People that have purple in their Core Band are artistic and crave to be unique, different, independent and unconventional. They’re also ambition which can lead them into powerful positions.

However, purple’s are also quite sensitive because of their connection with the Higher Realm. This means that they can often take on and feel responsible for others and their issues or problems. This often means that a lot of the time they are taken advantage of and also them staying in negative situations and being with or around negative people for much longer than they should be.

They also don’t like confrontation so they can hold back their thoughts, opinions and emotions so they don’t hurt others or upset others, or on the other side so they don’t get shut down or “bullied” by others.

They also have the quickest wit which can be misconstrued as sarcastic, but it is only their way of trying to put a smile on your face and help you relax.

Green Meaning:

Green has the vibration frequency of healing and health and has a renewing and life-healing energy. It also is about self-healing and not just healing others.

The energy of green is one of physical experiences in all its forms. It represents looking after oneself in a health perspective such as; getting enough sleep, eating the foods that make you feel good and help your body function to its full potential so it reacts positively.

This colour affects us on a mental level as well so it helps with anxiety, nervousness and depression. This is because green has a soothing and relaxing vibration.

People that have green in their Core Band often speak their mind in a honest, loving and sincere way and because of this, other people are drawn to ask for their opinion and help. This is because Green’s have an energy surrounding them that encourages others to promote change in their world positively and aids break through with any emotional baggage they may be holding on too.

They are community-minded and choose harmony and peace over anything else. This in return can cause them to be taken advantage by others so Green’s must set boundaries.

Orange Meaning:

The Orange colour is one of Community, Connection and Groups. It has a warming, inviting and positive vibration.

Orange promotes an emotional energy of compassion which assists with a person to recover more quickly from any disappointments, broken hearts or simply a blow to their ego they have experienced. This is because it enhances happiness, confidence and understanding.

This colour also represents being part of a community and aligning yourself with your “Soul Family”. Connecting with like minded people brings an uplifting energy with it, which in return helps you to try new things and meet people that have the same values, interests and goals.

People that have orange in their Core Band means that you are somebody who has come here to bring people together in whatever form that may be. For example; starting a Facebook group, forming a local coffee morning for Mum’s, creating a book club or exercise group, starting a major organisation or charity, etc.

Orange people are often fun-loving and flamboyant who are Social Butterflies. They can tend to dramatize situations and things a tiny bit so they get people to notice them, but their intentions come from a good place. They have an energy of strength, fearlessness and curiosity as well.

Turquoise Meaning:

Turquoise has the energy of Creativity, Communication and Expression.

Creativity is a vital component to Turquoise and there must be an outlet of some kind for the creativity to be unleashed. Expression and Imagination runs very deep in this colour.

This colour also has the healing properties of balancing the mind and body.

Physically it helps with neutralising stomach problems and muscular strength. On a mental capacity it assists with calming the mind and helping with communication on all levels.

This colour has a feminine vibration and encourages wisdom, emotional balance, serenity which brings a tranquil and soft energy into your world.

People that have turquoise in their Core Band are complex individuals because although outwardly they have a cool exterior, on the inside all sorts of turbulent emotions are being tossed around. This can give the impression to others of being fussy, over analytical and paranoid, however, it’s just them trying to sort out what’s going on inside of them.

Turquoise people are also hard driven, imaginative and have a unique and original mind. This turns them into exceptional creative people such as; designers, artists, musicians, working in the beauty industry, etc. They love to express their creative side on all levels which could go from baking to gardening to investing to speaking another language.

Gold Meaning:

Gold has the vibrational frequency of Success, Prosperity and Abundance. It is associated with being a colour of illumination, love, compassion, courage and passion.

It also has energy of personal wisdom which increases your power, and then that creates success, which then creates prosperity and will keep you on the path of your life purpose and help you thrive in all that you do.

This colour is all about success in all its forms from personal success, relationships, being yourself, expressing your success (how you share your success with others and enjoy your success).

People that have gold in their Core Band are very charismatic and when others are around them they feel relaxed and valued. This is because they show such warmth when they meet you and that in return makes people feel seen and heard which empowers them.

Because of Gold people’s magnetism, this draws others into their life who is on the same successful vibrational frequency as them and that assists them to be successful in whatever they try or do.

Gold people adore the respect and attention they get from the outside world and this makes them want to return the favour by being friendly, kind, helpful and loving to others.

Silver Meaning:

Silver has the energy of Alignment, Spiritual Laws and Intuition.

Spiritual Laws are invisible energies that govern the whole Universe which include Law of Attraction, Law of Increase and many others. Silver plays a major role in helping you grasp these laws and introducing them into your life.

Intuition plays a very important role in the Silver colour because it gives you spiritual knowing that keeps you on the right track. It brings clarity into your world which in returns brings you into alignment with your Life Purpose.

Alignment helps with your future because it invites into your life opportunities and people you need in your life at that exact moment plus life lessons that will help you grow therefore keeping you on track with your Life Purpose.

Alignment and Intuition both help you pay attention to your soul and that in return guides you through your life with flow and grace. It gives you the energy of living with integrity and authenticity.

People that have silver in their Core Band take in and love everything to do with spirituality such as; meditation, visualisation, understanding all things spiritual and the way the Universe works. These people also tend to have psychic abilities, clairvoyance and visions.

Silver people have a vibe of feminine energy which means they are kind, tender and have endless unconditional love. They are well respected and have an air of dignity about them. Patience and self-control is a major attribute of Silver people as well.

Dark Blue Meaning:

Dark Blue holds the vibrational frequency of Clairvoyance and Manifesting. It is a wise energy that comes from a higher level of intelligence and spiritual perspective.

Intuition also plays a big role in Clairvoyance and manifesting because you must access your gut and emotions for both of these abilities, so honing and trusting your intuitive skills is a must for Dark Blue’s.

Clairvoyance is a great way to receive information, communication and guidance from your Guardian Angel. Using your clairvoyance also strengthens your manifesting abilities. This is because when you are developing your clairvoyance you can see into your minds eye, and this requires visualising which is necessary for manifestation.

Manifesting is achieved by using your imagination by picturing something happening that you want. The more times you visualise something coming true the stronger your imagination becomes and in return strengthening your manifestation ability. To manifest you need to have a clear mind and clarity on what exactly you want.

You must set boundaries though when it comes to your clairvoyance and how it will show up in your life. Defining the way you want your clairvoyance to be (show up) means when it appears you will feel safe and secure to pursue it, otherwise it will take over your life. Some examples of how you may want it to show up for you are; when you close your eyes it appears, or when you do a certain meditation it shows up, or your clairvoyance shows you only positive images, or when you are only in a certain room it comes to you, etc.

People that have dark blue in their Core Band are here to develop their clairvoyance and use that ability to help them manifest and also help others to do the same.

These people have a powerful and authoritative energy about them. They show great integrity, elegance, intelligence and confidence and are often very important people. However, since that have that air of sophistication and authority about them, this can mean that Dark Blue’s are serious people (too serious sometimes) and can be very conservative.

Light Blue Meaning:

Light Blue has a vibrational frequency of Harmony, Balance and Co-Operation. It is associated with healing and tranquillity and because of this it promotes mental and physical relaxation.

It is an introspective colour and this leads to self-examination, which helps you discover how you truly feel about the people, situations and things in your life. Therefore, this gives you the determination to change what you need to about yourself and life, so you can feel more balanced and live a more harmonious life.

This colour has a soft and positive energy that makes you feel blissful and hopeful. It gives you faith that the Universe is on your side because it has such a strong vibrational frequency of security and trust.

People that have light blue in their Core Band are gentle, trustful, responsible, loyal and peaceful. You can rely on them to take control of a situation and make it right again because they remain calm in the midst of chaos. When you need order and direction then Light Blue people are the ones for you.

They also love to help and rescue a friend who needs it and often define themselves on the quality and strength of their relationships. Loyalty is a big thing for Light Blue’s so don’t ever betray them.

Often shy, sensitive and preferring not to be centre of attention, Light Blue’s do not like confrontation in any form and avoid it at all costs. This leaves them compromising on things they shouldn’t and putting their needs aside just to keep the peace.

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